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Identify your visitors

A single source of truth with a customer journey to understand who your visitors & customers are and where they are coming from, both before & after they purchase.

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1st Party Attribution
Up to 100% attribution accuracy with our true first-party tracking solution.
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Accurate Conversions
Every conversion is tracked with accuracy, then attributed to profiles.
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Pre & Post Profiles
Understand the customer journey of each visitor before they purchase.

Track every interaction
in real time with activity

As visitors take action from an ad to your website, we record and timeline every interaction - both first time, unknown and known visitors.
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All of your sales & ad connectors contribute to each profile.

As visitors take action from an ad to your website, we record and timeline every interaction - both first time, unknown and known visitors.
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No more iOS 14 issues with true first-party tracking.

Say goodbye to inaccurate reporting affected by iOS 14 updates with Stiddle's true first-party tracking solution - the Stiddle Pixel. Get accurate insights from ad channels with up to 100% attribution accuracy.
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A profile created for every visitor & customer.

Don’t leave visitors untracked. A profile is automatically created for unknown and known visitors - so you always know what’s going on and never miss another conversion.
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Understand key conversion & revenue metrics

All of your purchase conversion and revenue metrics, displayed at a profile level - so you know exactly who is buying and where they come from.
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Take action with segments and filters.

Easily filter through profiles to create segments, which can be used to export or sync audiences with your other marketing tools.
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Push all of your profile data to other tools.

Using other marketing, BI, or analytics tools? Or maybe you just need to push your data to a warehouse? Easily export or sync your attributed Stiddle data to your data destinations.
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Build & push audiences from profiles.

Quickly build and deploy cross-channel audiences using your Stiddle Profiles. Connect your ad channels to sync your attributed profile data as audiences, all in real time.
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One Pixel. Infinite Data.

Track up to 100% attribution accuracy and automatically create a complete profile of every single visitor’s journey - even before they make a conversion.
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S2S Connection. 99% Accuracy.

Server-to-server connection between Stiddle and your store, website, or SaaS automatically matches your first-party data to the data collected from Stiddle’s Pixel to fill in the gaps in a visitor’s journey.
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Why you should use Stiddle

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A Single Source of Truth
Stiddle aggregates and attributes all your marketing data in one place.
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Analyze & Take Action
Create customized analytics dashboards and build cross-channel audiences to maximize your ROI.
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Accurate Data
Stiddle's first-party tracking technology offers up to 40% more accurate data than your ad channels.

Grow or don’t pay.
Track & scale today!

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Stiddle - One hub for Ad Tracking, Marketing Attribution, and analytics reporting.