Feed ads AI with CAPI.

Send accurate data back to ad channels with Conversion API.

Stiddle Enrich sends accurate and attributed Stiddle Pixel data to ad channels like Facebook and Google, improving their ad delivery AIs and improving your return on ad spend (ROAS).
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Send accurate purchase conversion data back to ad channels.

Send accurate and attributed Stiddle Pixel data back to ad channels like Facebook and Google, to enhance their AI targeting capabilities, optimize your campaigns, and achieve better return on ad spend (ROAS).
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Help feed your ad channel’s AI & boost your targeting.

Supercharge your ad targeting and boost the performance of your ad channels by feeding them accurate Stiddle Pixel data.
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Stop bad data confusion.

Stiddle's Pixel improves data accuracy up to 40%, ensuring you make informed decisions about scaling budgets and optimizing your campaigns for success.
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Easily setup and configure conversion API using Stiddle Enrich.

Connect your ad platforms to Stiddle, enable the Conversion API Sharing feature, and effortlessly start sending accurate Stiddle data back to your ad channels.
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Got Questions?

We’ve Got Answers

What is Stiddle Enrich - CAPI? Why do I need it?
Stiddle Enrich utilizes Conversion API (CAPI) to send accurate and attributed Stiddle Pixel data to ad channels like Facebook and Google, improving their AI targeting and ultimately leading to improved return on ad spend (ROAS).
What is the difference between Stiddle Enrich and standard Conversion API (CAPI)?
Stiddle Enrich uses first-party data collected form the Stiddle Pixel and Identity Resolution, to send the most accurate data back to your ad channels - improving their targeting with AI.
What ad channels does Stiddle Enrich work with?
Stiddle Enrich works with your ad channels. You can find a list of all Stiddle's ad channel connectors, here.
How often does Stiddle Enrich sync with my ad channels?
Stiddle Enrich syncs with your ad channels in real-time, providing your ad channels with the most up to data accurate data.
Does Stiddle Enrich improve my ad campaign performance using AI?
Yes, Stiddle Enrich improves your ad channels campaign performance using AI.
Is it easy to setup Stiddle Enrich? Do I still need to setup the standard Conversion API with Stiddle Enrich?
Stiddle Enrich setup is very easy. Simply connect your ad and sales channels to Stiddle, add your Stiddle Pixel to your website, and toggle on Stiddle Enrich - done, that's it!

Why you should use Stiddle

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A Single Source of Truth
Stiddle aggregates and attributes all your marketing data in one place.
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Analyze & Take Action
Create customized analytics dashboards and build cross-channel audiences to maximize your ROI.
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Accurate Data
Stiddle's first-party tracking technology offers up to 40% more accurate data than your ad channels.

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