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Earn an average of $1,148 per referral

Join Stiddle's affiliate partner program today to grow your business and earn extra income. As a partner, you'll receive 30% of the recurring revenue for every new customer you refer to Stiddle.

How it works?


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Share your link and track your referrals from your account.

Customer pays

Get a 30% cut of every transaction referrals make*.

You get paid

Get paid every month or upfront for annual plans.

Are you a great fit?

You're a band or business owner

If you're a brand or business owner and have connections to other brand owners, easily refer them to Stiddle and earn a commission.

You're a marketer

Discover our partner program, tailor-made by marketers, for marketers and marketing agencies. Showcase your industry expertise by referring clients and fellow marketers to Stiddle.

You attract marketers

Stiddle is a data marketing platform made for marketers. If you have a blog or strong social media game that attracts a marketing audience, you will generate a lot of referrals.

You love Stiddle

Spread the word about how you use Stiddle to grow your business. Our biggest fans become the most profitable partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I join?

Simply contact us using this form, and you'll receive a confirmation email acknowledging your pending partnership. After reviewing your submission, if it's a good fit, you'll receive another email with onboarding details, granting access to our referral dashboard and your personalized referral link for immediate sharing.

How do payouts work?

You can expect to receive payments by the end of each month or upfront for annual plans. Payments can be made by direct deposit or requested by check.

How are my referrals tracked?

Our tracking system utilizes cookies to monitor your referrals, which remain active for 90 days from the moment someone clicks on your link. To qualify for recurring revenue, they must subscribe to a paid plan within that 90-day period. Furthermore, if they click on your custom link again, the 90-day tracking period restarts.

What is a customer signs up for an annual plan?

Annual Plans are qualified for 30% partner commission. You will receive one-time payment for any subscription to the annual plan.

What if I refer an affiliate to the Stiddle Partner Program? Am I rewarded?

Yes, you will get 10% of any referral from the affiliate you refer.

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