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Frequently Asked Questions

Who and what is Stiddle for? Is it easy to switch to Stiddle from my current solution?
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In one sentence, Stiddle is one hub to track and scale your ads with the tools you need to connect, Identify, visualize, and act upon your marketing data to scale.

Stiddle is a marketing data platform that provides a single source of truth for marketing teams (DTC ecommerce stores, B2B SaaS, and infoproducts) by solving inaccurate tracking data caused by third-party cookie limitations, privacy restrictions (IOS 14), and the impending phase-out of 3rd party cookies by Google in 2024. Stiddle boosts data accuracy from the industry standard ad platforms of 60% to 99% (automatically increasing your ROAS by up to 40%) by connecting directly to sales and marketing channels, eliminating third-party pixels. We are the go-to marketing data hub that handles data aggregation, transformation, and visualization all in one platform for your advertising and marketing.

If you are currently using an alternative solution for your advertising and marketing attribution, multi-channel campaign management, identity resolution & profile tracking, or analytics dashboards we are happy to help you make the switch to Stiddle. Our team can provide you with live onboarding to help make the switching process as quick and easy as possible.

Why does it say that some features are coming soon? When will they be available to me? What features are available now?
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Stiddle is constantly working on improving and innovating its platform, which is why some features may be listed as "coming soon." We typically release new features on a rolling basis, usually every month. Currently available, Stiddle offers a variety of features such as Stiddle Pixel Attribution, Multi-channel Campaign Manager, Identity Resolution, Analytics dashboards, Channel Overlap, and Workspaces, among others. Our integration connectors currently include Shopify, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

Here is a full list of all Stiddle's currently available features and a brief description:

1) Stiddle Pixel Attribution: Tracks visitor behavior and provides data for ad attribution analysis.
2) Multi-channel Campaign Manager: Allows you to manage ad campaigns across multiple channels.
3) Identity Resolution: Helps you identify and profile visitors & customers based on their online behavior.
4) Analytics dashboards: Provides insights into your sales and advertising performance with the ability to share live dashboard reports.
5) Channel Overlap: Helps you identify which ad channels are overlapping and contributing to your purchases and conversions.
6) Workspaces: Allows you to manage multiple businesses or clients under one Stiddle account.

Here is a full list of all Stiddle's currently available integration connectors:

1) Shopify (Sales Connector): Integrates with Shopify to track and analyze your sales data.
2) Facebook Ads: Integrates with Facebook Ads to track and manage ad campaigns.
3) Google Ads: Integrates with Google Ads to track and manage ad campaigns.

Integrations and connectors are built on a rolling basis - usually every 2 weeks a new integration connector is built. Custom connectors can be built upon request if you don't see the one you need available at this time.

We are currently working on new features and products such as Audiences, Organic Tracking, Smart Reporting, Stiddle Enrich-CAPI, Data Destination Connectors, Stiddle Cloud, Stiddle Goals, and Stiddle Metric Builder - not in this specific order. We strive to release these features as soon as they are ready, and our users will be notified as soon as they are available.

Here is a list of Stiddle's "Coming Soon" features - these are on our current roadmap but not limited to the following, and may be subject to changes:

1) Audiences: Helps you build multi-channel audiences with all of the data you have in Stiddle.
2) Organic Tracking: Allows you to track the performance of organic marketing channels like influencers and email.
3) Smart Reporting: Automates the process of scheduling and sending analytics reports to your team or clients via Slack and email.
4) Stiddle Enrich - CAPI: Sends your accurate attributed data back to ad channels to feed AI.
5)Stiddle Goals: Enables you to set and track goals for specific metrics.
6)Stiddle Metric Builder: A no-SQL solution to build custom metrics for advanced data analysis, with no code.
7) Data Destination Connectors: Enables you to send Stiddle data back to your CRM, email tools, or data warehouses.
8)Stiddle Cloud: A safe and secure way to store all of your marketing and sales data online in the cloud, integrated with Stiddle.

What ad connectors does Stiddle currently integrate with?

Stiddle offers integrations through its Connectors, which are divided into two types: Sales Connectors and Ad Connectors. Sales Connectors allow Stiddle to connect and pull data from ecommerce platforms, payment providers, calendars, and forms - basically where ever a conversion is made. Ad Connectors allow Stiddle to connect and pull data from advertising or marketing platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, and email platforms - sources you drive traffic from.

Stiddle is constantly releasing new integrations on a rolling bases - usually every 2 weeks. Custom connectors can be built upon request and are included free of charge for annual plans.

Currently, Stiddle offers integration connectors for Shopify (Sales Connector), Facebook Ads (Ad Connector), and Google Ads (Ad Connector). New integration connectors are released on a rolling basis, usually every two weeks.

Does Stiddle only work with Shopify? Are there other sales channels that I can use? Can I use the Stiddle Pixel with any website?
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Stiddle currently connects only with Shopify as a Sales Connector, but we are constantly releasing new sales connectors on a rolling basis - usually every 2 weeks. These may include other ecommerce store integrations, payment providers, form software, and online calendar schedulers. For example, if you use WooCommerce instead of Shopify, you can request a custom connector, which is included free of charge for annual plans.

The Stiddle Pixel can technically be used on any website, including your WooCommerce site. However, using the Stiddle pixel on a website that does not have a sales integration with Stiddle may limit the amount of data we can collect for identity resolution and ad attribution. For example, if you use the Stiddle Pixel on your WooCommerce site, we won't be able to know who the person is that made a purchase, and they will remain anonymous in Stiddle Profiles.

We recommend only using the Stiddle pixel with Sales Connectors that Stiddle integrates with natively, such as Shopify at the moment.

You can request a custom sales connector, which is included free of charge for annual plans - just reach out to our support and we'll be happy to help.

What if Stiddle doesn't connect with an Ad or Sales connector integration that I am currently using?
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If Stiddle doesn't currently integrate with an Ad or Sales connector that you are using, you can request a custom connector to be built by Stiddle. Custom connectors are included free of charge for annual plans. However, keep in mind that building a custom connector may take some time (usually around 2 weeks), and it's important to ensure that the data you need to attribute and analyze can be pulled from the integration before we build a custom connector - we'll be able to check for you to make sure that the connector you request can be built and is comparable with our technology.

You can request a custom connector, which is included free of charge for annual plans - just reach out to our support and we'll be happy to help.

Do you offer a free trial or demo?
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We do not offer a free trial due to the setup time required for Stiddle's tracking. However, we offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your results. We also provide a demo and require you to book a demo with our team to ensure that we are a good fit and can seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack. Our onboarding calls with our team further ensure that you are set up for success from the moment you sign up for an account.

What is a MUV? Why do you charge based on MUV?
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MUV stands for Monthly Unique Visitors, which refers to the number of unique visitors that a website receives in a month. Each unique visitor is counted as one MUV, including both anonymous and identified visitors. We charge based on MUV because it is a more accurate measure of website traffic and reflects the actual usage of the website. It also allows us to provide tailored pricing based on the specific needs of each customer.

Charging based on MUV allows us to provide scalable pricing that aligns with the growth of your business. As your website traffic increases, your MUV count will increase and so will the pricing, ensuring that we grow as you grow. This pricing model is designed to be flexible and affordable for businesses of all sizes, while providing them with the data and insights they need to make informed decisions about their online presence. It also incentivizes our team to continually improve our services and provide value to our customers, leading to long-term partnerships and mutual success.

What is the main difference between Suite & Agency plans?
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Both the Suite and Agency plans include all features and are based on MUV usage for each workspace. However, the main difference between the two is that the Agency plan provides you with the tools you need to manage multiple client accounts under the same Stiddle login by providing you with multiple workspaces.

With the Agency plan, you can create a separate workspace for each client, and each workspace has its own separate billing and is tracked based on MUV. We require each client to have their own workspace, and each workspace includes its own Stiddle Suite plan, so you can keep your clients' data and reporting separate. Additionally, for Agency accounts, we offer a 20% discount for each client workspace you add, making it a cost-effective solution for managing multiple clients.

What is a Stiddle workspace for? Why would I need multiple?
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A Stiddle workspace is a separate place to manage a business or client, allowing you to keep each business or client's data organized and separate under one Stiddle login. With each Stiddle workspace, you can share team access with your team or share access to your clients with unique roles and permissions.

Every workspace is billed separately and is tracked based on MUV, so if you have one business or client with high website traffic, you will be billed less than the others that have less. This allows you to have a clear overview of the website traffic for each business or client, as well as manage their campaigns more efficiently. Therefore, having multiple Stiddle workspaces can be useful for businesses or agencies managing multiple clients or websites.

Do you offer discount pricing for high traffic sites or agencies with many client accounts?
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Yes, we offer discounts for both high traffic sites and agencies with many client accounts. For agencies, we provide a 20% discount when you add multiple Stiddle workspaces. Each workspace has its own billing, and is tracked based on MUV usage, making it easy to manage and bill clients separately.

For high traffic sites with more than 100k monthly unique visitors, we offer discounted pricing and scalable options through our Stiddle Enterprise plan - you can get in touch here. Additionally, we offer a 20% discount for any annual plans, giving you flexibility in choosing which workspace you want to be billed annually.

Does Stiddle run my campaigns for me? Can I create new ad campaigns using Stiddle?
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Stiddle does not give you the ability to create and launch new campaigns using the platform. However, Stiddle does give you the ability to open the native ad platform's ads manager with a single click to make quick edits without having to open several browser tabs.

Stiddle is used as a way to manage all of your existing campaigns, ad sets, and ads that you have created in your native ads manager, like Facebook or Google in a single place. All of the data in Stiddle's Campaign Manager is up to 99% accurate using the Stiddle Pixel Attribution, so you will not have to worry about inaccurate tracking from IOS14 or 3rd party cookies.

Stiddle also gives you the ability to view all of your campaigns from different ad platforms in one Campaign Manager, as well as editing budgets for ad spend and toggling on and off campaigns, ad sets, and ads in a single Campaign Manager table.

Learn more about Stiddle's Campaign Manager here.

How accurate is Stiddle's tracking technology using the Stiddle Pixel Attribution?
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Stiddle's tracking technology using the Stiddle Pixel Attribution is 99% accurate, achieving 30% to 40% more accurate data compared to native ad platforms such as Facebook or Google. This means that Stiddle can track and attribute purchases made from your ad campaigns with great accuracy. Stiddle's attribution technology also allows you to see the exact customer who made the purchase and which ad they interacted with, giving you more control and transparency over your campaigns. This gives you the confidence you need to ensure your ads are being tracked with the most accuracy.

Here's an example:

Let's say that you're running a Facebook ad campaign and a Google ad campaign for your online store. A customer clicks on your Facebook ad, but doesn't make a purchase right away. Later, they see your Google ad and decide to make a purchase. Without Stiddle's tracking technology, it would be nearly impossible to determine which ad was responsible for the purchase. However, with Stiddle's Pixel Attribution, you'll be able to see that this particular customer was initially driven to your site by your Facebook ad, and then later made a purchase after seeing your Google ad - 90 days later. This level of accuracy and attribution is crucial for optimizing your ad spend and maximizing your return on investment.

You can learn more about Stiddle's Pixel Attribution technology here. And learn about Stiddle's Identity Resolution (Customer Profiling) here.

Does Stiddle replace my existing Customer Data Platform (CDP) or analytics solution?
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At this time Stiddle is not designed to replace your existing CDP or analytics solution, but rather complement it. Stiddle offers Identity Resolution, which allows you to create customer profiles and track their behavior on your website. Stiddle also aggregates data from different sources and attributes it to individual customer profiles. While Stiddle does not currently support pushing data to data warehouses, it provides analytics dashboards and tools to build audiences that scale without the need for third-party BI tools. In summary, Stiddle provides a great alternative for CDPs in some cases, and it can complement your existing analytics solution.

While at the moment Stiddle doesn't offer data destination connectors, we do plan to release data destination integrations with leading providers in data warehousing, such as Snowflake in the future. This will provide you with a great alternative to your existing CDP, allowing you to collect, profile, transform, and push your marketing and sales data to data warehouses such as Snowflake.

If you are looking for a custom solution to push your data to a data warehouse, consider using our API - available with Enterprise plans. Please contact us for more details.

Does Stiddle only work with paid ads or can I use it to track my other organic/influencer campaigns?
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Stiddle currently only supports tracking for paid ads through Facebook and Google. However, we plan to introduce Stiddle Organic Tracking by August 2023, which will allow users to track organic campaigns such as influencer marketing, email marketing, and social media posts.

Stiddle is always adding new ad connector integrations every two weeks, but if there's a specific one you need that isn't available, you can request a custom ad connector, which will be available at no cost for annual plan users.

Can I add team members to my Stiddle account to share access with a separate login?
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Yes, Stiddle allows you to add team members to your account to share access with a separate login. You can create workspaces within your Stiddle account and add team members to each workspace with specific permissions. This allows your team members or clients to access the necessary features and data within Stiddle without giving them full access to your account. Each team member will have their own login to Stiddle.

What security and data measures does Stiddle take to keep my data safe?
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Stiddle takes data security very seriously, and we are fully GDPR and CCPA compliant to ensure the safety of your data. We use industry-standard security measures to protect your data, such as encryption, firewalls, and multi-factor authentication. We also regularly monitor our systems for potential security threats and conduct periodic security audits to ensure that our security measures are up-to-date and effective. You can trust that your data is in safe hands with Stiddle.

What happens to my data, tracking, and ad campaigns if I cancel my Stiddle subscription?
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When you cancel your Stiddle subscription, you will lose access to your workspace and any data collected through Stiddle's pixel attribution, including identity resolution profile data. However, data from other integrated data connectors will remain stored with the connector. Your ad campaigns and sales data in your ad or sales connectors will not be affected. It's important to note that any ad tracking set up with Stiddle will stop tracking and attributing sales, and team members added to the workspace will also lose access.

Does Stiddle store my data? What does Stiddle do with the data  I connect to it?
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Stiddle does not store your ad connector data, which is synced live with Stiddle and remains stored with the connector. However, Stiddle does store your Identity Resolution and profiling data, which may include visitor and customer names, activity timelines, and attribution data from the Stiddle pixel, such as event conversions, IP addresses, and geolocations. Stiddle complies with GDPR and CCPA regulations, and your data is kept secure and confidential.

What is Stiddle's uptime? Is there every a case where I won't be able to access my account?
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Stiddle aims to provide a reliable service to its users and has a 99.9% uptime. This means that the platform is available to users with only occasional and brief interruptions for maintenance and updates. However, there may be rare cases where access to the account is temporarily disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances beyond Stiddle's control, such as server failures. In such cases, Stiddle will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible to minimize any inconvenience to its users.

Is Stiddle GDPR, CCPA, and HIPPA compliant?
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Stiddle is GDPR and CCPA compliant, which means it is compliant with data privacy laws in Europe and California. Your data is kept secure and confidential.